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Our Mission & Philosophy

In the spring of 2008, I found myself making a 5½ hour trip every other weekend with our four-month-old German Sheppard puppy, Legend. I grabbed the sturdiest box I could find, threw in water, food, toys, treats, leash and collar, shampoo, dishes, and bedding and off we went. Within in the first hour I realized my mistake. Each time we stopped for a break, I had to unpack the whole box to find what I needed. Then I had to repack the box before we were off again. After several times of doing this, I realized there had to be a better way.  I was looking for the perfect pet storage bag and travel bag without even realizing it at the time.

When we returned from the fourth trip, I went straight to the sewing machine and began to design a pet travel bag that would carry everything I needed, yet give me immediate access to the four items I found I needed the most: WATER, POOPIE BAGS, TOYS and TREATS.

Doggy Baggage was perfected little by little until it became the perfect pet travel bag. And now you can have one too! We are proud to offer three sizes to fit your needs, lots of fun patterns and colors, and most of all it’s durable and functional. I call it “Legend Tested!!!!!”

Use your bag for everyday storage, and you are ready to travel at a moment’s notice — HASSLE FREE!
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Debra Johnson, Owner of Doggy Baggage - The PERFECT Pet Travel Bag!

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